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Robert Freeze
Robert Freeze

Hero Factory


Frost Gun, Ice Nun-chucks




Planet 107

"Actually, I prefer to be called 'Freeze'"
―Robert Freeze [src]

Robert Freez was built in the Assembly Tower.


Freeze was the last 1.0 Hero to be built. He was assigned temporarily to Alpha Team, but was injured and forced to leave the team. He became a loner, with no team. All he was assigned were simple missions. Time went by, and Freeze was updated to 2.0.

Then, while investigating a break-in at the Makuhero Shipping Yards, Freeze encountered Thunder, and a fight ensued. Nathaniel Zib got the surprise of his life when he saw Freeze walking alone into Hero Factory with Thunder slung over his shoulder.

Hero Recon Team

After that incident, Freeze was accepted into Hero Recon Team, and was upgraded to 4.0. He was then placed undercover at the Makuhero Bank. He was there for a year, and then was recalled. He went on other missions, and nothing eventful happened.

Rise Of Overlord

Freeze was recruited into Delta Team for it's mission to Planetoid 465.


103 6725

1.0 Form

Freeze carried a Multifuntional Ice Weapon. His headgear was identical to Preston Stormer 2.0's.

2.0 Form

Freeze carried a Battle Axe and Harpoon. He had two Rocket Boosters with Grenades. His headgear was identical to his 1.0 Form's.

Delta Team

Freeze carries a Frost Gun and an Ice Nun-chucks . He wears Delta Team's signature Vacuum Resistant Armor.


Freeze's ice-cold personality has earned him few friends. He never indulges in idle talk, and He despises social devices such as Herobook. However, he will do whatever is necessary to protect his friends, even if means losing his life.