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Rotix's Log is a web series on Custom Hero Factory. The series uses dates but not the year.


Rotix's Log basicly tells what Rotix is up to and tells the story of his life.

August 8

I have just stepped out of what is called a 'cloning chamber'. Though I don't know what that is I'm determined to find out. 'Rotox', as he calls himself, was the template for me and my brother. I'm told that I work for 'Von Nebula' whoever he may be. Nevertheless today I start my mission, a personal one in fact, to find out who I really am and what I'm here for, and even though Tortoxin tell me not to worry about all that, I can't trust him. I don't know why but something is telling me he's up to no good.

August 15

After training and finding out who I am and my purpose, I set of to find the 'Hero Factory'. Lead by Rotox, who seems weak, we find the factory. He tells us to stay here and wait. Tortoxin argues with him for awhile, after he leaves Tortoxin tells me that we should kill Rotox because of how weak he is. I disagree telling him that we're here because of him. Tortoxin, who seemed board, took a nap. He was woken up by Rotox who told us to get out of here before they send heroes after us. I guess thats a bad thing but I'm not so sure. After all I was just cloned from someone.