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Rotor is a towering, deadly, aerial-based Villain who serves Von Nebula. He is Von Nebula's most powerful servant  whom is almost as powerful as him. That is why Rotor and Corroder are never very close.


Rotor once committed crimes on his homeworld, Grondus, and has been fleeing from there ever since. To this day, as long as he is alive, he has been confirmed for demolition if ever discovered and/or returned back to Grondus.

Rotor later teamed up with XPlode, under the command of Von Nebula, whose team he was recruited into. Rotor later headed to a mining center, where he and XPlode attempted stealing C-4000 explosives. However, the Hero Factory Alpha Team intervened, and Rotor and Furno battled. Furno gained the upper hand, by jamming his Dual Fire Shooter in between Rotor's propeller blades. Rotor, using his Meteor Blaster, managed to escape from Furno. He and XPlode later retreated to Lemus 2, where they stocked up on C-4000 explosives there. The Alpha Team sent out a decoy Hero Pod, which Rotor destroyed, and the two Villains were fooled, as the Alpha Team moved toward their position. The Villains stunned Stormer, as Furno attacked Rotor, riding his bike into battle. Furno wrestled Rotor, a one-on-one battle between the two, until Furno managed to Hero-Cuff Rotor and bring him onto their Hero Craft, just as Stormer rose again. Rotor was held in the Hero Factory Prison Center cell number 132.

Rotor later escaped his cell, with help from Reaper, alongside XPlode, Corroder, Meltdown and Thunder. In the events that followed, he severed off two Alpha Hero's heads and than sensed Von Nebula in Makuhero City. His fellow allies sensed it, too, and they warped there. Once they arrived, they began to wreck havoc in the city.

Rotor soon got out and when upgraded he battled the ZETA Operation at Acid Wharf with Thunder, Meltdown, Corroder and XPlode.


"There's a buzzing noise, me laughing, and a quick snap - and you don't hear anything!"
―Rotor, to Furno
―Rotor getting very angry


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