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"Those fools! I never should've trusted them as much as I did!"
―Rogue, talking to himself about the actions of two of his lesser henchbots. [src]
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Rogue was once an assembly bot in the Hero Factory, and is now leader of a small group of villians.


Rogue grew tired of the Heroes getting all the glory, when they wouldn't be there if it were not for him. So, one day, he stole an experimental absorbation program, and decided to become a hero. He was quickly stopped, and banished to the Scrap Yard, where he was thought to be decativated. However, the program was still active, so he began to customize himself, and vowed to destroy any and all heroes he could get his claw on! He recently attempted to have a canister of illegal neuclear waste delivered to him, but the canister was accidentaly dropped on the swamp side of the planet due to the incompetence of the freighter pilots.


Rouge 2

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