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Ryan Koslov






Ryanis one of the strongest and fastest on the team.


Like every hero, Ryan was made into the assembly tower. Born Chauncey Cornelius Ryan Kozlov III on the distant city of Orca, a dry, poor land known for its gold refineries, was raised by a very wealthy family that owns the refineries. At age thirteen, Chauncey ran away from his home forgetting his rich life and moving to Makuhero city and changed his name to Ryan, his middle name. He was excepted into the Hero Factory program where he meant his closest friends, Rick, Katie and Harry. He tried out for the alpha team, and got placed into Zephyr team, Ryan will always help Rick and Katie become the best heroes


Ryan is the jokester of the group. He is very sarcastic and is always making jokes. He always helps other heroes become better. He helps Rick sometimes, and never lets anybody down. He helps with the new rookies and other heroes, if they have any problems.

Early Life

Ryan comes from Orca (mentioned in 2012) the poor city, even though everything is made of gold. His family is rich, but he never gloats about it.


Ryan's primary weapon is a plasma slicer that that uses a strong acidic base that can corrodeor cut through anything.


>"Your quite the morale booster!"