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"Ryan Shocker was a hero with a quick mind and was very agile and had good speed. However, sometimes he jumps into conclusions, which is one thing I didn't like about him. He jokes a lot too."
―Ray Burner describing Ryan Shocker's personality.
Ryan Shocker
Ryan Shcoker

Elemental Force


Lightning arrow gun, electricity tank arm and shield


Alive, active

Ryan Shocker was one of the 4 heroes which were an experiment of mixing other substances with Quaza. He is also the lightning master of the Elemental Force.


Like any other hero, Ryan Shocker was built in the assembly tower in Hero Factory. However, he was made as a experiment along with Ray Burner, Johnny Rock and Thomas Freeze for a hero core which is mixed with substances and quaza. After a few weeks, they were finally activated.

Ryan Shocker and the other three heroes completed a lot of missions of bravery, so they all were asked to join Hero Recon Team(HRT). All of them accepted and later on, Ryan Shocker joined Ray Burner's team. They did several missions and were upgraded with the bio-mechanical upgrade. Later, three new heroes with the hero core quaza mixed with other substances joined their team. They did a few more missions, and received a custom form. Soon, Johnny Rock began to despise Hero Factory but did not show the signs until Ray Burner chatted too long with Lucas Stormer.

Abilities and Traits

Being a hero having a core mixed with lightning bolts and Quaza, he can fully control lightning and he can conduct lightning like a lightning conducter, although he usually prefers to use his weapons to control instead of his hands. He can also shoot lightning out of his hands.


Ryan Shocker usually jumps into conclusions and he usually cracks jokes a lot. He is quite hard working, too. He also has a quick mind.


Lightning arrow gun: This gun basically just shoots arrows charged with electricity. When desired, he can charged this up to a super high voltage to electrify the enemy.

Electricity tank arm: Now, Ryan Shocker is the only hero who uses a tank arm. However, his is fed with electricity and can shock enemies with it.

Shield: Well, you don't count this as a weapon, do you? Oh well... Anyway, he uses this shield to block attacks from his enemies.


"What happened to you, my best friend?"

"I was chasing after Vocanus because he was fleeing. Then, when I was trying to cuff him, he shot me and I flew all the way to here, then I lose my consciousness."

―Ryan Shocker replying to Ray Burner's question, Trails of fire


Trails of fire