Headquarters SKULL Command Center
Leader Darkein (formerly), Shadow (formerly)
Goal Destroy Hero Factory
Status Defeated
Enemies Delta Team 2

S.K.U.L.L (Special Killers United of Lost Planet) is a criminal organization contracted by Shadow to destroy Hero Factory.


SKULL was formed by Darkein with the objective of killing heroes. Many years later, Shadow Condemned Darkein and he commanded SKULL to destroy Hero Factory with him as the leader. SKULL stationed ships around a Space Station to protect a package of Hero Factory Heroes. The Delta Team 2 passing by blocked and destroyed it with an explosive charge in a Hero Pod. Later, Shadow sent SKULL criminals to the planet Akull to take the Ciclops Lab to launch a missile to Hero Factory, but the Delta Team 2 members defeated the criminals and destroyed the laboratory as well. Shadow sent multiple mercenaries of SKULL to the mining planet Ralak 5, but once again, Delta Team 2 defeated and arrested the SKULL mercenaries. During the travel of an assault ship of SKULL, the Delta Team 2 members boarded the ship and blasted the main generator, all the members of SKULL escape in escaped in pods, but many were arrested and the ship was lost. Later on, the Delta Team 2 members were finally taken out by SKULL personally by Shadow. They were locked in the SKULL Command Center but escaped. The Delta Team 2 member Jimi Missile planted a bomb in the interior of the SKULL Command Center and the structure was blown into oblivion, thus resulting in the defeat of the organization.

Known Members

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