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Small Swamp Walker V12
SAM 5312
Affiliation Hero Factory
Colors Green, Black
Location unknown
Status Working just fine


The SSM-18 was made in the Hero Factory HQ after Delta 47 member, Riaso, Nova and Alex got back from attack from a Swamp Planet. 

They was given the Small Swamp Walker V12 (SSW-12 for short) to battle the unknown creatures Within the Swamp.

Different Types

Sniper/Scout Mech: The mech have Normal Armor and that it's fast on ground and have long jumps. The sniper have two different mods, one shoots just normally and the other shoots a big amount of fire after it hits the target but it can only be used once then wait for a hour.

Pyro Mech: The mech have Heavy Armor to Protect the propane tank, it's slow and have a lot of firepower.

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