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"You know me good enough to know that."
―Sabreen Hunt

Hero Factory Earth Department


Icicle Cutter, Shell Shield



Sabreen Hunt, on missions referred to as Hunt, was a spy for the Hero Factory Earth Department.


Coming soon...

Abilities and Traits

Sabreen was a spy for the Hero Factory Earth Department. She often scaled mountains and cliffs without safety lines, only her Icicle Cutter. Her Shell Shield was one of her defensive tools, together with her rock-hard armor.

She was quick to anger, especially to rookies, though she was the youngest out of the Earth Department. She had strong limbs, though was not muscled, rather strong senses, knowing her capabilities. She did not fear many things, though animals were one of few things she disliked.


  • This is, as of 15:23, September 21, 2010 (UTC), the only female in the HF Alternate Storyline.

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