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Saido Dieono
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Saido was not made in the Assembly Tower like all other heroes; he was a worker on Lemus 2. When his fellow workers was attacked, Saido was the only one that was fighting the villains. When the hero Oras Med came but the villains was already stopped even when they gotten back up, Oras and Saido took them down. After that, Oras took Saido to a old friend of his to make him from a normal worker into a Hero. When Saido became a hero, Nove brought him to the Hero Factory and now part of Team X with the leader Ian Gorix (SelfHero of Ian Gorix)

Hero Factory 2.0 & 3.0

After some missions Saido was invited to join the Recon Team and he accepted. He was trained to be an elite soldier status. He was trained more speed and stealth. Saido still stayed with Team X but keep him being a Recon unknown to the Team.


Saido left the Team X but still help them on there Mission. In the breakout that was created by the criminal known as Voltix, Saido received upgraded armor and weapon for a solo mission to find and cuff the villain Melldo.

Brain Attack (5.0)

At the Hero Factory when BlackSun Station was being attacked by brains ,Him and the Delta 47 was call for a meting with the HRT about the attack and the Heroes that have gone missing. Saido talk about taking him ,Manix Hount and 2 other heroes from the Delta 47 team to go and find out what happen and save the missing heroes. They agree and ask Soldon and he agree as well. Later Him ,Candra ,Lan and Manix was send to the BlackSun Station to investigate the attack of the brain and to find Riaso, Alex and other hero that have gone missing.

Invasion From Below

Saido along with Manix and Mike was sent to Antropolis City to stop the Kaiju from invading, they was put in the middle of the city then him and other made there Mechs. Saido have made his a Scout Machine and went to take on the Ice Beasts. Later him and the other Delta 47 team Battle the Earthquake Beast.


Picture Form Description
Saido 2.0 1 2.0 form Saido was given new armor to aid him in fighting new wave of villains.
SAM 0746 3.0 form Saido's form was fitted with as a wolf and with new armor to help him in the jungle.
Saido Breakout 1 4.0 form Following the Breakout, Saido was given new armor and weapons to captured the villains.
Saido XL 4 XL form In the attack Saido was fitted with new armor and weapons to fight off the brains.


Picture Maachine Description
Saido Scout Machine Saido Scout Machine The Mech is one of Saido first Machine, it was made in the middle of the Antropolis City when the Kaiju was invading. The Mech have a cloaking device and the weapon are Hook Blade and Plasma Shooter.


Strength: 9
Agility: 7
Toughness: 8
Mind: 10


  • Saido was formerly the SelfMOC of the User:ShadowWolfHount until Riaso Xilond became the new SelfMOC.
  • Saido is a former member of the Team known as Team X made by Ian Gorix but no story was made so it became a Side Story or Non Canon Story.
  • There use to be a 1.0 insted of a worker but that was change at the time when the user:ShadowWolfHount joined the wikia.

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