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Sam Armor
SAM 0732
Sam Armor

Delta 47


Metal Sphere Shooter, Sonic Boom Weapon




Makuhero City

Sam Armor was the former leader of the Delta 47 team.



Like all other Heroes, Sam Armor was made before Soldon Armor in Assembly Tower in Makuhero City. As a rookie he trained until years later, he eventually became an experienced member of his respective Team and gained the "Elite" Hero status.

Involvement in Delta 47

At some point, Sam Armor was now appointed to be the new leader of a new hero team the Delta 47. He ask his brother Soldon Armor to join the team but said no to Sam request. He later ment Lan Illumin and Nova Cole, they ask to join the team and was accepted.

Sam was assigned 2 new rookie Riaso Xilond and Tiffany Roboxis.


At some point after this, Armor and his team mate, Riaso Wolf, traveled to Lemus 2. On this mission they encountered Tosheld and engaged him in battle. Sam remarked to Riaso to hero-cuff him but failed in doing so. Later Armore witnessed Riaso training too hard so he asked him not to overwork himself. They managed to locate Tosheld again, so Sam went to Tanker Station 22 with Riaso and Tiffany. The trio fought Tosheld, with Tiffany Roboxis getting injured and Tosheld finally being captured and brought to the Hero Factory.

Back at the Hero Factory, Sam was with Tiffany when he was assassinated. However, before he was about to die, he was able to appoint Riaso as the new Leader of Delta 47.


Strength: 11
Agility: 4
Toughness: 7
Mind: 9

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