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Sam Clank
M1 Sam Clank 2.0 01
Sam Clank

Delta 4


Plasma Spear Shooter





"No! You're going to leave me here alone!? Say it ain't so, Sam!"
"It's so.
―Clank to Patrick Gust, Dance in the Flames

Sam Clank is an Elite Hero who specialized in swordplay. He was one of the only three elite members of his Hero team.



Like all other Heroes, Sam Clank came into being in the Assembly Tower in Makuhero City, shortly before the creation of Jenny Sharp. The two rookies trained together until, eventually, they both became experienced members of their respective Team – the Delta 4 Hero team – and each gained the "Elite" Hero status.

Elite Status

Sometime after this, following Sharp's mission success ratio being brought to light, Clank's team mate was recommended to join the Hero Recon Team. The Elite Hero was annoyed by this as he felt that he and Sharp were equals.

However, Sharp turned down this offer to remain with her current team - which, by this point, consisted only of Clank and the team leader.

Unfortunately, sometime after this the unnamed leader of the Delta 4 Hero team was killed in action, leaving his remaining team without a leader. However, as neither Sharp or Clank felt comfortable with stepping up to replace him, the two elite heroes shared leadership of the group.

Integration of the Rookies

Some time after becoming the joint team leader of the Delta 4 hero team, three rookies were integrated into the team: Jay Ratchet, Anna Thorne, and Patrick Gust.

BtD27 Sam Clank 1.0 01

Clank began to work closely with Ratchet and helped him to hone his abilities by encouraging him during training simulations and by avoiding criticism of the rookie.

One of the most important of Clank's teachings to Ratchet was the rule that "no hero gets left behind." While on a mission with Fredrick Nova, Ratchet was able to use Clank's teachings to carry his injured team mate to safety and to capture the notorious black marketer known as Scratch. Because of this, Ratchet was rewarded for his bravery with an upgrade to Elite Hero status, which he specifically thanked Clank for helping him to earn.

However, Clank did not show as much enthusiasm in training the team's youngest rookie - Patrick Gust, who went on to become head-strong and arrogant as a result.


More recently, Clank was sent on a mission to the planet Orcus following confirmed sightings of a notorious criminal known as Bonecrusher by Jaret Tracer in a Hero Factory outpost on the icy world. Clank was accompanied by his long-serving comrade Jenny Sharp and the team's most inexperienced rookie, Patrick Gust, to the planet in order to capture the Aurosian.

Echo Burning

Several years into a possible future, however, Jenny Sharp succeeded Clank as the new leader of the Delta 4 team following the death of Scott Trooper.

M1 Sam Clank 2.0 02

Around 27 years after the present storyline, Clank accompanied the recently restructured Delta 4 team to Danaria 7, where they were charged with protecting the planet's President.

However, during a Blorphog Day celebratory appearance at a homeless shelter, an assassin attempted to take Caliga's life. Fortunately, Sharp was able to push her out of the way, though the bullet caught a weak spot in her armor and splintered her Hero Core, as well as causing her hydraulic fluid reserves to puncture. Sharp passed away shortly afterwards in the arms of Clank. However, disillusioned in her final moments, Sharp mistook Clank for Jack Breacher and declared her love for him.

Shortly after Sharp's passing, Clank became hellbent on tracking down Bonecrusher, who he was convinced had been the shooter.


Picture Form Description
1.0 Clank 01 Clank's original form Clank's first known form, which was used prior to the upgrade.
M1 Sam Clank 2.0 01 Clank's 2.0 form Following the upgrade being released, Clank was fitted with new armor to aid him in combating a new wave of villains.
Breakout Clank 01 Clank's BREAKOUT form Clank's form after being retrofitted to tackle a mass BREAKOUT event.


"I’ll leave you to it. Try to stay awake, OK?"
"I usually do."
"Good. I like that in a sentry.
―Clank to Troy, Echo Burning


Strength: 7
Agility: 7
Toughness: 5
Mind: 10

Abilities and Traits

Breakout Clank 01

Clank wielding his signature weapon: the Plasma Spear Shooter.

Extremely skilled in the ways of swordplay, Clank is a fresh, well-mannered, quirky veteran who enjoys experiencing the thrills of life with a flare of unconventionality.

In his original form, Clank wielded a standard issue long-ranged weapon called the Energy Bolt Launcher, which was capable of firing bursts of green energy with the ability to deliver a powerful magnetic crunch, either crushing a target or stripping mechanical components apart. In addition to this, Clank also utilized a rapier, which was notably not issued to him by the Hero Factory.

Following The Upgrade, Clank was refitted with a newer, hyper-flexible, advanced frame, as well as a set of telescopic lenses, and a modified Shield weapon. His Plasma Spear Shooter was capable of both firing non-lethal metallic projectiles from its twin barrels, and generating a plasmatic energy construct in the shape of a cutting weapon.

During the BREAKOUT event, Clank was once more refitted with new armor, this set designed for durability and freedom of movement.



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