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Sam Grounder is a member of the Dragon Shifter Project and has the codename Terraus

Sam Grounder
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Amatsura Dragon Pack

This pack's name is a combination of the Japanese goddess and Egyptian god of the sun. The pack utilises two giant blades that can act as wings for flight. These blades can be attached to the arms for close combat. The pack also carries a golden shield which can withstand melee and ranged attacks.




old form


Dragon Mode


current form


Dragon Mode


Apperance (Spartan)


Green primary core with golden head armour


Right arm same as left until fore arm as it was replaced with a beam sword.


Heavily amoured chest with shoulder cannons




Like the other Dragon Shifters, Sam was not created in the assembly tower as the design was too complex but instead in one of the workshops. The construction period took around 2 months because each piece had to be put together one at a time and the extra wiring needed to be hand installed. After his construction, Sam went through physical examinations to make sure he was ready to be a hero.

Jack's Decent


Badassery Remastered

During a big battle with his older brother, Sam was heavily damaged and needed to be repaired. Because of his complex design, he had to be almost completely dismantled and then put back together again which took Dr Pandante Botaglove a while since he was the only one who knew the Dragon Shifter's designs by heart. Also a steady hand was needed because if something were to damage the neural-signal system it could mess up Sam permanently. After being fixed up, Sam's pack got a upgrade as well giving it a shield, bigger blades and better flying abilities.



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