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Sam Kohde
Samantha Kohde
Cybernetic Hero

Hero Factory, HRT, Forest Q15


Dual-ended Morning Star, Gilded Herotanium Shield



Samantha Kohde is a rookie hero with organic internal compounds (cyborg) .


A student at Queenforest High, Samantha Crypt was a very agile young woman, and excelled at gymnastics. Not only flexible, she was also very bright, at was ranked one of the top students in her academic classes. Because of her flexibility, she was chosen to be her Hero team's scout


Samantha is a very quick-witted character, very able to learn as she goes. She is very able on the battlefield, but prefers reconnaissance rather than hand-to-hand combat.


  • Though not her counterpart, Kohde was assigned to defeat Infurno's Acolyte, Gustt.