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Samuel Free
U.S.A. Hero







Sam was in the Independance team and has been their leader since day one. The Independants was once a part of the Brit 2 team until they wanted to go in their own team. At the time, Free was just a rookie but still was the one that suggested leavving because of how things were run there. Makuro aloud them to but the leader of the Brit 2 did not. Makuro tried to get involved but was knocked out by the first blast of the war, to this date it is unknown who fired but it. Though obviously out powered, they got help from the French 7 team and eventually defeated them. Free decided to make rules so he would not end up like the Brit team and made one called the constitution. The first rule alloud the team to speak freely and the second alloud the team to wield their weapons much more frequently. Free also decided to have someone called the president be second in command though controlled by other's votes. It was a good decision and the first was Georgeneo Washington. One of the best to this date, he was the one who showed Free why it was a good decision. Many others have past, some good, some bad, some did nothing, some were assanated. The one today is named Rockbar Obomb.


Sam fought Drilldozer but was seveirly injured having to finish the mission after he recovered but unfortunately had to deal with parasites.

Brain Attack

Free fought many Brain parasites with his team.



  • Samuel Free has a very blunt and very obvious similarity with the United States history
  • Bioniclezilla76 was going to add a metaphor about the Civil War but was far too awkward to put in