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Sarah Elli

Hero FActory





Sarah Elli (or simply 'Elli') is a member of the Verrax team. She is the only female member, working with six other boys on the team.

Eairly Life

Elli didn't join the Verrax team until she was a 2.0. As a 1.0 she worked as a spy for a secret organisation who found out information on the villains of Planet Verrax and delivered that information to the Verrax  team. 

When she first tried to join the Verrax team she was turned away because of being a girl, but that didn't stop her. She tried to join again when Neox was the leader and she was accepted. She was disliked by the team because of being female and they made her do all of the cleaning jobs, although when the rest of the team were away on a mission and some of the villains broke out of jail because Rick Jonas forgot to lock it, she earned alot more respect from her team, except from Jonas, he hated her for making him look stupid.

Current Status

Now, Elli is one of the most powerful and bravest heroes on the Verrax team. She is always chosen to go on the important and most dangerous missions. She is still hated by Jonas, although the rest of the team think its because the team leader Maxus Neox likes her more than him.


Jonas really got the feeling that Neox liked Elli more than him during the Breakout because Neox brought Elli and Terrax with him on his mission to stop kitchmakk. 

On this mission they found themselves walking through long, snowy wastelands and many times almost gave up on their mission. Just when they were about to give up, they found something ectremely rare. It was a quaza rock. Elli and Terrax touched it, but Neox didn't, and he was right not to. Elli's and Terraxes core energy was completely drained when they touched it and they were both rushed back to planet Verrax.

Because she didnt complete her first mission, Elli went on another breakout mission without the rest of her team knowning. She went to an old abondened factory where she found a villain known as Kerrak who was a warrior for Kitchmakk. Kerrak sent powerful drones after Elli but they were no match for her power. She killed them all and eventually found Kerrak who she caught and cuffed and returned back to planet Verrax jail with.

Brain Attack

During the brain Attack Elli travelled around fighting off the brains and helping citizens and creatures whos brains had been attacked.



Form Description
2.0 Sarah Ellis 2.0 form.
Breakout Sarah Ellis upgrade to catch and cuff Kitchmakk
Brain Attack Sarah Ellis upgrade for the brain attack.