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Satrina Deathshard

Affliation None
Colors White, Red
Other Equipment Grenades,
Location Pentafrax 7-4
Status Alive

Satrina Deathshard (Real Name: Claire Saphira) is a Bounty Hunter who lives on Pentafrax 7-4.


Early Life

Satrina Deathshard was an ordinary Imperiad citizen on Pentafrax 7-4. However, an epidemic several decades ago wiped out her entire family, including her. She was saved only by a cyborg suit.

The Cyborg Unit, was made by a man named Sam Shepard, who knew about Satrina a long time ago.

Satrina gained new armor, weapons, and much more to destroy Hero Factory. Shepard also was against Hero Factory as well. Satrina later bonded with Shepard to destroy Hero Factory

Bio-Mechanical and Enemy of the Hero Factory

After being made into a Robot, Satrina ventured on to find her lost parents. Her Parents unfortunetly died from the disease. Satrina started to become angry, and became a villain.

Later, she found out that the disease came from Hero Factory. The Hero Factory were practicing a new biological weapon that was supposed to affect only robots. Satrina promised revenge on Hero Factory.

Shepard and Satrina traveled to Hero Factory on Shepard's ship: Eclipse. Shepard died during the battle of Hero Factory, and was imprisoned. Satrina was even more angrier at Hero Factory than ever. Shepard was made into a trooper, called Galo.

Journey To The West Side

The West side is were all villains train. Most villains, like Black Phantom, Corroder have pasted the tests that were given there. (Kinda like exams at college) After, the villains become real villains, and get sent to a Villain Team. Satrina was an student there who passed the test with flying colors. She is now an instructor. She instructed a lot of the villains such as Toxic Reapa, Jawblade, etc.

Personality, Equipment, and Abilities


Satrina can be hot-tempered at times. Escpecially on the battlefield. She is known to devastate her opponent without even moving. Most of her enemies run away before she can make her first move. She can be caring sometimes to the people she loved. Despite all of this she truly despises Hero Factory. Her wish is to destroy every bit of it. However her family does know Mr. Makuro, but she hates him as well.


Satrina has Shurkiens, Katanas and Blades. She is more of a ninja-approach. Most of her gear has poison. She prefers to poison and paralyze the enemy before attacking.


A Mind Reader, who can plan what is going to happen next. She can fortell the future, as well as go back in the past. If she can't remeber the past, she cannot go to the specific part of the past. This really bothers her, because she doesn't remember what happened to her parents until later. She also can fill another being with Fear. Her eyes flash as the opponent trembles.

Other than this, Satrina is an average Bounty Hunter. Not the best, but enough to slay 1,000 heroes in 5 minutes.

Official NgoRocktoro Description

Tough to the maximum limit, Satrina' is both Cunning and Dangerous. With her two sharp Katanas and Poison weapons, any foe will tremble in her presence. Some Enimies won't even attack because they are full of fear. Hot, smart, and enough to slay 1,000 heroes, Saphira can be a dangerous enemy to the Hero Factory!


(Out of 20)

Strength: 20
Agility: 20
Toughness: 20
Mind: 20


"Shepard? What's your satus?"

"I'm being attacked by robot monkeys!!!!!! "

―Shepard and Satrina



  • Satrina is based on NgoRock's Friend.
  • Satrina has won the Dreams Quartet Contest!
  • This is NgoRock's first ever Female Hero Factory VILLAIN MOC.
  • Satrina is a permanent cyborg
  • Satrina is Ngo's
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