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Brain Factory, Himself


Giant Spikes, Fangs, Venom



Strength: 12
Agility: 16
Toughness: 17
Mind: 0

Scarox was a dune crawler, until the species was widely-transformed into a Brain-controlled spider.


The Scarox species was once a dune crawler, occassionally burrowing around but swiftly moving across tall dunes of sand. Although the creature was gold in color and usually stood out in darker locations, it was able to create a brief tornado of sand to block people from seeing it if it feels threatened. When the Brains attacked, they were usually taken by surprise. The infected-Scarox creatures journeyed to Makuhero City, where the conflict is arising but being handled. Inpreinfection they are much quicker and can dig underground.


As a dune crawler, Scarox had large, golden blades on the ends of his legs, which were used primarily for scurrying across the ground quickly. Upon being mutated into a venomous spider, Scarox has poisonous fangs, golden knives, and clawed feet.

LEGO® Hero Factory Brain Attack - Scarox

LEGO® Hero Factory Brain Attack - Scarox