Scorpion is a villain working for Von Nebula.

Affiliation Von Nebula
Weapons Stinger Tail, Twin Plasma Claws
Status Alive
Location Unknown


Scorpion was originally a bounty hunter before joining Von Nebula's team. While he was a bounty hunter, he used a fake name which was 'Stinger'. He later quit the bounty hunter business and he began to use his true name, Scorpion, and has since then has started working for Von Nebula. His partner is Acid, a large green robot. They are usually seen together when attacking.


Scorpion is equipped with two dual-function claws. They allow him to dig and shoot plasma bursts. Scorpion's favorite weapon is the stinger on his tail.


HF:Villians Club(Coming soon)

HF:Blaze and Frost(Coming soon)

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