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Particle Accelerator




Makuhero City

Scraps is a Villain hired by Shade.

Shade's description

Some of my best lackeys come from our common enemies, the heroes. Take for example Scraps, who was originally an hero mechanic, named Dann. He had invented a make-shift power suit and introduced it to Makuro. Makuro dubbed his machine as "Evil." Banished from Hero Factory, he had gone to the streets to become a performer using his suit. During a city-wide raid, he was found dismantling a hero, and my agents decided to bring to him me. After informing me that he wanted to join my little band, I heartily agreed, but not before fusing the armor to his body and erasing his memory.

Abilities and Traits

Contrary to popular belief, this villain is no idiot, nor is he a weakling, he is nearly perfect, except for the fact that his power suit, which I call "skin", is so bulky it disables a lot of extraordinary movement. Attached to one of his arms is a particle accelerator which is capable of turning any being into a gaseous state, unfortunately, this can become an advantage to the strong-willed. 

Strength: 20
Agility: 3
Toughness: 20
Mind: 20