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"Scratch, you’re a freak. But you're a useful freak to be around."
Bonecrusher to Scratch, Allies of the Night
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Criminal Informant Hub






Hero Prison Transporter

Scratch was a shifty yet successful black marketeer from Trivoli, who was known to have done business with a number of enemies of the Hero Factory.


Early Life

Scratch began his career in illegal trades several years ago. While he initially held no opinion towards the Hero Factory he soon realized that there were a lot of criminals in the galaxy that hated the heroes and decided to target such outlaws as "customers".

However, the Hero Factory swiftly learnt of his intentions and labelled him as an enemy of the organization, pressuring any Heroes who encountered Scratch to capture him. Luckily, Scratch was able to avoid capture for most of his long career.


Shortly after his talents for acquiring useful information became known to criminals, Scratch was able to gain ownership of 'the Maldovarium' - a tavern on an asteroid in the Mutter's Spiral. This allowed Scratch the ability to attract customers more easily.
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Special skills: bare fist fighting backstabbing, master of hiding behind henchmen, aggressive negotiation, dramatic oratory, evil-plan-revealing monologues, chin-stroking.

Three years ago, Scratch sold a Hero's core processor - containing a security protocol - to a group of villains, receiving a large amount of payment in return.

Shortly after his customers left Scratch was approached by Bonecrusher, an Aurosian bounty hunter who had become an enemy of the Hero Factory. The Aurosian pressured Scratch to reveal any news that he knew regarding a change in the fate of his near-extinct species. Scratch then revealed that he had learnt that a number of Aurosians were residing on the planet Orcus following the crash of the Guinevere One space shuttle.

However, shortly after revealing this, a fleet of Hero Factory dropships bombarded the Maldovarium, causing the tavern to lurch and shake. Following this, Fredrick Nova and Jay Ratchet managed to break into the Maldovarium and confronted the two criminals. Bonecrusher then betrayed Scratch, leaving him behind while he paralyzed Nova and proceeded to escape. The Trivolian was then overpowered by Ratchet.
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"There's nowhere to run...this time."

Scratch has since been imprisoned by the Hero Factory.