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Scream Scorpion
Scream Scorpion1
Affiliation Aldos Fusarg
Status Alive
Location Savage Planet

Scream Scorpions are powerful creatures native to Quatros.


Native to quatros, these are brutal scorpions which get there name by screaming at their opponent, predator, or anyone, to death. They may or may not have been corrupted by Which Doctor but they are nasty either way. Their gigantic teeth appear to not have a purpose aside from eating. But they may also be tentacles. Hero Factory warns you to beware these creatures.

Abilites and Traits

Scream Scorpion are very fast and powerful. They can use their scream as a weapon, that can even kill. They have poisonous stinger tails.


  • Scream Scorpion is Bloszar's first 3.0 villain MOC.



  • Scream Scorpion
  • Scream Scorpion ready to attack

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