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Senthols are large animals that dwell in extreme environments.


The species is widely diverse and there are many different types. There are known variants ranging from fire to ice to seasonal. They can be commonly found in the forests or open areas of a planet, both of which cannot be verified. They are a peaceful species that will never attack, unless they aredefending (like most other creatures). They have horns, and massive legs and feet which they use to travel very far distances.

Mission: The Ice Planet

The first remarkable discovery of Senthol variants was during Boost Team's travel to Nitronix, where they found the first Ice Senthols. Mark Titro documented his finding/analysis from the expedition.

They all looked in awe as a group of large creatures passed by, trudging through the snow without seeming to care.

"They're Senthols!" exclaimed Titro, "Tall species, but completely harmless."

The others stared as the creatures walked on, leaving a trail of footsteps. Even Basher was surprised to see natural forms of life.

"I've only known of these types of animals living in extreme heat environments, but these are the complete opposite, Ice Senthols." said Titro, he then snapped a few pictures with his helmet's camera.

-excerpt from Mission: The Ice Planet