"you heroes fink it's easy to beat my, that's like saying that pigs fly."
―Serandex to a hero team
Dark Hero
Affiliation Dark Hero Factory
Weapons Guns and wings
Status Alive
Location Dark Hero Factory

Serandex is a Dark Hero in The Dark Hero Factory and she is one of the Dark Hero Factory Generals.


Serandex is the first female Dark Hero. Back when she was a rookie, she went into training and Puzzle-Brandex noticed how well she was in fighting, so he decided to make her one of his generals. She now works with Grandex and The Moon's Shadow.

Brandex told her to work with the hero factory when he desided to join the good guys.

Abilities and Traits

She can fly, her wings are sharper then that of Spider Shamus' legs. Both of her hands are guns.



Strength: 90
Agility: 100
Toughness: 50
Mind: 100


  • Bat Girl


  • She is the only Dark Hero that was made with wings.
  • She looks very similar Sheila
  • She looks like she is part of the Brain Attack

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