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Seras Anemone
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Seras Anemone was a Brain Attack Hero who was assumed to have suffered a major Core depletion during a fight with a swarm of Aquagon. In reality, she is a time operations agent from fifty-five years in the future.

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Seras Anemone was created in Assembly Tower No. 2, about fifty-three years after the events of the Brain Attack. 

Like all Heroes of her time, she came into being suited with upgrade Hexabium, or, upgrade No. 62. It was only when her Core Signature began flying off the charts did the Assembly Tower technicans notice something off.

Seras had been created with a special core, a Timeframe Core. The three Assembly Towers' creation algorithms randomly generate these special cores from caches of Quaza collected throughout the ages. Timeframe Cores must be made with small bits of Quaza, each from a different year. The more different parts used, the more powerful the Core.

Being made with a Timeframe Core automatically denotes the hero as a time operator; a special agent which travels back in time to correct past mistakes to benefit the future. Seras was no exception. In just under five months, she passed the rigourous program with flying colours and was soon thereafter inducted as a fully-fledged Hero.

Three years pass, and Seras now has over fifty-seven successful missions under her belt, accomplishing much, even saving a critically injured Hero from the past. Only once did she fail a mission and it seems as though she will not repeat that mistake again. Dealing with a past version of herself is rather inconvienient. Said mission involved going into the past in order to halt a buregoning war on another planet. However, Seras was seen and therefore had to babort the mission. The fallout caused from her mistake involved tens of police hours wasted in order to capture her past self and erase the entire incident from history. Around this time, Seras received an upgrade, the Hexatrium upgrade, No. 63.

Weaponry Detail

  • Twin serrated armblades: Seras has almost never been seen using these. In fact, she has rarely even been seen fighting. An interesting fact about these weapons, however, is that during the rare times Seras does use them, she always holds them backwards. Instead of becoming lethal, gutting weapons, they are extremely efficient, defensive, yet non-lethal weapons. This reflects her pacifist nature. These weapons were used only while she was in her Brain Attack disguise.
  • Phase blade: This was Seras' primary weapon during her Hexabium upgrade. Using extremely advanced technology found only fifty-five years in the future, this weapon focuses a beam of light and flattens the photons. It is able to deflects any non-physical projectile and is a non-lethal weapon. When hitting a person, it will also induce a light to mild-heavy energy discharge, depending on the setting.
  • Power fist: Her secondary weapon during the Hexabium upgrade and her primary weapon during her Hexatrium upgrade. Ever since their invention sixty years ago, power fists have become a staple in the Hero Factory arsenal. Their outward design has changed little in the years since they've been introduced, and their functions have not altered. The power fists of Seras' time are able to output a maximum of about 850,000 psi. A synthetic diamond requires 725,000 psi to make.
  • Combat Knife: A simple blade issued to many soldiers. Seras insisted on simpler weapons for her Hexatrium upgrade, her logic being that she never uses them anyways.
  • Timeframe Core: A special variant of the Hero Core. Very, very few of these Cores exist as they use many collective small quantities of Quaza, each collected from a different year. The more "different" Quaza used, the more powerful the core. Each Timeframe Core bestows various time-based abilities to its Hero. Seras can speed up, slow down, and even reverse time slightly around only her.

Known Moveset

  • Blink: By speeding up time, Seras appears to teleport a short distance away.
  • Recall: Seras reverses time around only herself, resetting her position, ammunition, etc. to what it was a few seconds ago.
  • Stasis field: By slowing the flow of time near her, all projectiles coming towards her come to a halt. A simple Recall or Blink takes her out of harm's way and all the projectiles will miss her.


Seras is an irrepressible force of nature wrapped in a cardigan of foolishness. Hero Factory lab techs and Mission Controllers have, for the most part, stopped caring about what Seras does, as long as she doesn't break anything.

A goofy, happy-go-lucky girl at heart, Seras has her head stuck in the clouds most of the time. Her cheerful personality is infectious however, and has made her both tolerable, yet popular, with both other Heroes and the Factory faculty. A brave, fiercely loyal agent in the field, and a slight absentminded airhead back at base, Seras is just your regular bundle of energy.

With her carefree attitude comes recklessness and inattentiveness. Though Lady Luck usually favours her, there may come a time when Seras might stumble on some misfortune that a bit of listening would have easily done away with.

A final, notable facet of Seras' character is that she is a steadfast pacifist. Though fairly proficient at combat, one cannot say Seras was built for fighting. A time operator is trained to be stealthy and quick-witted. As such, Seras frowns upon violence and prefers dealing with things behind the scenes, just like any time operator should. Seras has also been issued several weapons over the course of her career. The great majority have been non-lethal, a testament to her stand against fighting.


  • "I slam the door shut and dolphin-dive into my bean-bag. Mmm! It has that new bean-bag smell, too! Ohhh… so good."
  • "...look, your shoelace is untied."
  • "Please let there be no quantum zombies."


  • Seras' first name is taken from Seras Victoria from the anime Hellsing. If you are under 15, do not watch this, it is very gory.
  • Seras' last name, Anemone, is a kind of flower. (NOT a sea anemone!) According to Greek legend, the Anemone sprung up as Aphrodite wept for her dead lover, Adonis. This is a very fitting name for Seras, taking into account the short story, Dread Not
  • Seras is the first "deceased" character Bub has ever created.
  • Seras is also the first character Bub has revived.



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