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Seras Anemone
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Seras Anemone is a Hero Factory time operator. She traveled into the past with a Brain Attack upgrade disguise and faked her death at the hands of a swarm of Aquagon.


The "Bronze Age"

With the aftermath of the disastrous Pentafrax Civil War still casting a dark shadow over Hero Factory's once-pristine reputation, there was little it could do without facing backlash, either from the rich Outer Edge planets, or from the less developed planets closer to the core of the galaxy. It seemed like every sentient being had a side to take and wanted Hero Factory to play to their interests.

A scientific breakthrough from a retired hero-turned-researcher turned the tables and Hero Factory once again found itself able to operate with independance. Pandora Teiffa had uncovered the retrograde quark, a subatomic particle that existed only in dark matter and curiously moved backwards in time, in terms of conventional physics. Nitty-gritty talk aside, the Factory's research and development department pounced on this oppurtunity and invented time travel.

Weaponry Detail

  • Twin serrated armblades: Seras has almost never been seen using these. In fact, she has rarely even been seen fighting. An interesting fact about these weapons, however, is that during the rare times Seras does use them, she always holds them backwards. Instead of becoming lethal, gutting weapons, they are extremely efficient, defensive, yet non-lethal weapons. This reflects her pacifist nature. These weapons were used only while she was in her Brain Attack disguise.
  • Timeframe Core: A special variant of the Hero Core. Very, very few of these Cores exist as they use many collective small quantities of Quaza, each collected from a different year as well as the highly advanced retrograde quark. The more "different" Quaza used, the more powerful the core. Each Timeframe Core bestows various time-based abilities to its Hero. Seras can speed up, slow down, and even reverse time slightly around only her.


  • Seras' first name is taken from Seras Victoria from the anime Hellsing, simply because it was a nice-sounding name.


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