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Serge Topian



Hybrid Boron/Electricity Sword, Tungsten Shield





Serge Topian is the leader of a group of heroes called Palin 7 Team. He is a Mark Surge wannabe.


Serge was created in the assembly tower sometime after Von Nebula's defeat. Surge, who had some influence on the design, created him with his mask. He was brought on to the Zeta 1 team with Jublan Pirak, until Jack had dismissed them due to there strength and teamwork.

Serge and Jublan started the Palin 7 team and got sent to train 2 new rookie heroes, Krystopher Tyte and Chekere Knighte. they too were soon promoted to full hero status, and started a subdivision, the Palin 7-RT team for rookies to train in.

Serge and Jublan requested the upgrade to 2.0 after Fire lord's defeat, and began to fight the Crazy W, along with Krystopher, Checkere and the 2 new members, Keith Brultes and Kiera Yatres. After the successful battle, Serge said he was dispatching himself from the team and training for 6 months. He then left Jublan in charge.

6 months passed, and Serge joined the team again. All of the heroes were upgraded to the new 4.0 build. They were sent after the Crazy W. again. Serge however, got launched to SaL-43 and was there for a month. He is currently fighting to put villains back in jail.

Serge is currently leading the Palin 7 Team.


Serge currently has a hybrid boron/electricity sword and tungsten shield. Serge can form lightning blasts from the boron sword to attack enemies. The tungsten shield is used as it is very unlikely to melt.