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"What are these things! They remind me a lot of the robots they had in that old movie, Termonator"
―Joseph, when combating an army of revenge hunters

Joseph Halzey was a member of the US marine corps in the year 2099. He followed in the footsteps of his father, Mark Halsey, who died in the line of service.


Joseph Halsey was born on July 2, 2074. He lived high his family until he was 13, when his father died. Him and the rest of his family moved to Ohio, were he lived until he was 18. On his 18th birthday he was enlisted in the marine core. After a year of training, Joseph was ofitialy a member of the marine core. His first mission was with the 187 infantry devision. There job was to act as "bodyguards" for the 24 tank decision, protecting them from anti tank snipers. The mission was called operation GLOW IN THE DARK. The objective was to attack one of Masses largest weapons refineries, on planet delta Horven. The 24 tank devision was supposed to take out the plants main generator. When they were under heavy fire, it was Joseph who got the idea of laying silent in the thick jungle, and start several fires, to apear as if they had died. When the enemy soldiers came out to check the tanks, the marine guards came out of there hiding spots and picked them off. The marines had no casualies or wounded and Joseph was promoted to sergeant.

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