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Claw Blade, Lava Sphere Shooter



Servant is a former domestic robot who, after learning to read, embarked on a endless search for knowledge.


Servant was once a domestic robot who lived and worked in a normal household in Makuhero City, his purpose being to transport things around the home and clean floors, as his owner was not inclined to perform these tasks himself. About a year before Von Nebula began recruiting his team of villains, he was forced to take care of his owner's house while his owner left on business to Tallos 5. During this time, Servant knocked a book off a bookshelf in his owner's study. Not having learnt how to read, Servant was unable to decipher the text, but resolved to learn to read somehow.

The next day, Servant left his owner's house in search of someone willing to teach him how to read. After a few fruitless hours of wandering the streets in search of a teacher, Servant finally came to the conclusion that the only way to learn how to read would be to force someone to teach him.

Having come to this conclusion and possessing no knowledge of how to behave in public, Servant ran to the nearest house and smashed through the window, pinned the house's resident to the ground. As he


Servant appears to be an amalgam of different mining robots, which is a result of his usage of mining robot components to nearly completely rebuild himself.


Servant is equipped with a Claw Blade, which is capable of firing lasers and can be used as a dagger, and a Lava Sphere Shooter, which he has modified to double as a gripper.