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Sestorak was one of the many giant monsters from the mission Invasion from Down Below. He appeared to be a large spider like creature. When the "invasion" began, Sestorak attacked a large building in the city of Anpolikis. Of course a battle machine attacked Sestorak but Sestorak defeated the robot. After ravaging some more a large brain parasite crawled on the back of Sestorak' head and corrupted him. Sestorak grew even bigger, more feral in appearance, and even more aggressive. Sestorak crawled out of the city quickly into valleys, other cities, and suburbs attacking civilians and their homes. Another battle machine was sent after Sestorak. The battle machine was half the height of Sestorak and was disposed by Sestorak quickly. Sestorak crawled away, unknown to anyone were Seatorak went off to this day.


Sestorak has a variety of weaponry and appendages. Sestorak is a very skinny tripod creature with blades on the bottom of all three feet. Sestorak has pulsing green energy armor and body parts charging his attacks. Sestorak has two small claws that both can create green energy and blast it at opponents doing substantial damage. Sestorak has two large crab claws that are very strong and can do tremendous damage but are primarily are used for grabbing objects. Sestorak also has two striker blades on his back used for quick stabs. Sestorak's last weapons are two huge canons shoot explosive plasma bullets that can blow off a large appendage of a battle machine.



Sestorak didn't have much of a personality that's different than the other "invaders" aside from being very manic.


In the infection Sestorak was not only manic but would lash out at anything that moves including other "Invaders" and would not stop until Sestorak or the "prey" were defeated.


  • Sestorak is going to be submitted into Kaiju Combat. In other words, if he gets a card than he will technically be a crossover.