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Shadow Titans
Black Hole
Headquarters Tarix Mother Ship
Leader The Overlords
Goal To destroy all enemies
Status Active
Allies Tarix Factory
Enemies Hero Factory, DeathThorn


Shadow Titans are a secret group of immortal villians. They are allied with Tarix Factory. They can absorb energy from all most anything. If limbs are lost, they will connect they back to their joints. They seem to have an unknown grudge with DeathThorn. Their symbol is a black hole, it is unknown why. It is said that they would be put in Infernum once caught, but many doubt they will stay there.



Aktan, Povak, Witch Torturer, Splitter, Luis Blazer (MIA), Von Spiral (MIA), Shadaka.


CrowSplit-Gun, Sharktooth

Regular Members

Shadow Reaper, Toxicia, Sliza and Derahk, Bladez, Vira, ViroThe Doctor, Shadow-Steel, The Borak King, Acid Reapa, Fusion-E

Bordering Members

Yurray, Licid


Power: Aktan, Shadaka, The Borak King, Bladez

Space: Povak, Sliza and Derahk, Shadow-Steel, The Doctor, Vira, Viro

Time: Splitter, CrowSplit-Gun, Yurray (Defective), Fusion-E

Magic: Witch Torturer, Shadow Reaper, Toxicia, Acid Reapa, Licid (Defective)

Quaza: Luis Blazer (MIA)

Spiral: Von Spiral (MIA), Shape-Shifter

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