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"the factory has fallen yes but my spirit is still fired up "
―shadowflame to himself
 shadowflame was the leader  of zeta team-1 but now since the factory has fallen- his file stops there 

early life 

Like all heroes shadowflame was made in the assembly tower after the invasion from below . He arrested many villeins such as corroder, witch doctor , and The fire lord.He returned to the factory and got a promotion  to team leader and was assigned his own team called zeta team -1 after words his team went to miner missions but shadowflame decided to go on his own at one point and found out The location of -file ends there 

more coming soon

Weaponry Detail

Katina - shadowflame is a master with the sword but is still learning 

energy blaster-shadowflame has a energy blaster that can fire 10 blast per round


shadowflame is like a rookie but now during the fall he has gained more of a responsibility  to him self 


Strength: 13
Agility: 15
Toughness: 16
Mind: 21


  • shadowflames theme song is humbling river by puscifer

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