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Shaun Heartbreaker
Elite + Survivor

Hero Factory, End of Days survivors


Shotgun,Pistol, Magma Sword, Sheild





Shaun HeartBreaker was one of two heros created to test new armour, The other hero being Natasha HeartBreaker, his sister . His core is supercharged plasma combined with iron and a lava flake. This combination of chemicals forces his body into a strenghtend up state, allowing him to get hurt less easily.

Acceptance into MECA 1

After going through the rigourus training recheme that all heros go through, the two heros were placed as rookies into MECA 1 , at the time led by Nick Force, along with four other rookies. He was trained by Steve Chill, an elite hero, whilst his Sister was trained by Jamie Thrust , who would later become her boyfriend.