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Shilarocon is really a mutation of lemons and limes. It may sound silly but these can be useful in a brain infected army. They attack when threatened and are very large. These creatures are appropiately considered, weird. They are on the same planet as Aquagons and Ogrums. Shilarocons tend to team up with Ogrums to eat Aquagons. Both Ogrums and Shilarocons have energy stored inside them. The lime energy is below freezing while the lemon energy is so sour that it burns making a brutal combination, one that the Dark Maker will find quite useful.

Vridle's Task

Many of these creatures at the Hero Factory were being experimented on for a few years in secret. No one knew about them except for Nathaniel Zib and Mr. Makuero. After hearing about these rumors from a young rookie named Vridle an Alpha Team member named Jimi Stringer came check it out and found out they were in fact getting held captive.


It became much faster, stronger, and was able to tranfer its sugars into unique plasma. They invaded the Makuro city streets. The hero to fight these were Slick and Evo.


  • L&L cannon
  • Claw

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