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ShockFire is an alternate reality combination of Furno XL(BA)and Surge(BA).


Sometime in the past, Furno and Surge were on a routine recon mission,where they were faced by Corruptrus. They were losing and subsequentially dying,but as they faced him,Surge called for backup.The backup was too late,though,as Corrupturus had won the battle. Mission Commander Nathaniel Zib ordered the reconstruction of the two heroes,but they were instead built again as ShockFire. As the Knight and Marksman became one,they became more powerful than two mainline standard heroes put together. Soon enough,he/they were sent into the testing facilities to fight a simulated horde of enemies.As he/they proved his/their strength,they began to question what happened to them,as their revival brought about problems in their memory boards.As the scientists explained,the alarms went off,and soon ShockFire was sent into battle.The situation was apparently a false alarm,but it was not so false after all...for Core Hunter had infiltrated the Hero Factory! As Core Hunter assassinated Heroes,he was found by Daniel Rocka. The Bounty Hunter was quick to kill the Hero mercilessly,but not quick enough,as the Hero had alerted the Factory's security guards.This included a group of Heroes and ShockFire himself. As the groups faced off with the Hunter,ShockFire noticed a banging sound in the neighboring wall.It was a group of Blank Heroes bashing through it,and they succeeded.They were not much of a threat,but soon enough their numbers increased and began to kill some guards. Shockfire slashed and blasted through the Blanks with no effort,judging by his power,but was weakened from time to time,haunted by past memories.He finally got the chance to face Core Hunter,and the two faced off in a battle of life and death.Core Hunter said he was nothing but "A piece of Tin" and "A modern day Frankenstine,no better than the Monsters that dwell in the Dark Wastelands." This did nothing to discourage ShockFire, as he swung his sword and bisected Core Hunter.As Core Hunter laid helplessly,showing no mercy,ShockFire blasted the Bounty Hunter with his Midas Cannon,killing him.He was cheered for and rewarded,but ShockFire thought of what Core Hunter said,and it troubled him greatly...After further upgrades were made to his physical form,the two synced minds thought of how Core Hunter got in without setting off any alarms apart from the one he activated as a decoy.Suddenly,they are warned that Corruptrus is back. They go out into battle to face him and get revenge,with a 25 hero team.Though scared at first,the heroes bravely go out into battle,some of them,sadly,only to face oncoming doom.Corruptrus and ShockFire begin to clash with their mighty weapons.ShockFire's arm is severed by Corruptrus' Titan Blade,and has his visor bashed off by his mace. ShockFire counters by stabbing into his lower abdomen and severing one of his many heads. Once the brave Combiner severs two more heads,the dark king bites into his shoulder,damaging it.ShockFire sees his true identity as one being when he remembers all he has been through in the past(in the process,remembering Surge and Furno's memories alike). He now knows he must save the galaxy,and there is only one way,to destroy Corruptrus by overloading his two cores.Corruptrus proceeds to breathe dark matter,ice,and fire on the Combiner. ShockFire overloads his cores from the energy produced by the blasts,as Furno absorbs heat to gain energy.ShockFire grins at his Hero team,bidding them farewell,and all that is seen is a bright light and all that is heard is ringing. Corruptrus is destroyed,but at a great cost...


ShockFire was a hero obsessed with discovering his past and was constantly tormented by this,keeping him from being combat efficient at one point.Despite this,he had a strong sense of justice and honor,and was overall kind.His most prominent feature was the fact that he was willing to sacrifice anything for the safety of his home galaxy,even to the point where he sacrificed himself to defeat Corruptrus.

Powers and Abilities

With the combined skills of a skilled swordsman and a marksman,ShockFire was without a doubt extremely skilled with any kind of weapon.He had the ability to absorb electricity and heat as a result of his original forms.He was also able to fly as he possessed a jetpack prior to his death.He was primarily equipped with the Midas Cannon and the Sword of Judgement.Though powerful,he is not the most durable of Combiners,as his arm was severed by Corruptrus' Titan Blade.


  • There is a possibility that ShockFire will be revived.
  • Midas is the name of a king who had the Midas touch, an ability that turned anything he touched into gold, and anything that he touch that was living dies.This represents the time he shot Core Hunter with his Midas Cannon and killed him.
  • As of now, ShockFire is deceased.

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