Shtok District
Position Near Makuhero City
Size Unknown
Population Unknown
Status Raided by Criminals

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The Shtok District is a district right outside of Makuhero City and is known for it's criminals, hoodlums, and shabby appearence.


It was founded as a district before Makuhero City is what it is today. It is very old and has not become modern like the rest of the places around it. It has not been taken care of, so it is very shabby. More than one horror film has been filmed in this location, such as the Makuhero Watersaw Massacre trilogy. However, it's filled mainly with criminals and hoodlums, as other people wouldn't want to live in the run-down place. There are some pros, however. There is nobody in charge, so taxes don't get paid. Also, there are just sewer systems, but not runnning water, so water bills don't exist. Actually, there is nothing nessecary to pay to live in the houses, since nobody would want to buy one anyway. So the homeless of Makuhero City can go to the Shtok District to live. But the housing stinks (quite literally, too), so not many do.

Notable Residents