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Affiliation DeathThorn, villian
Weapons Flamedisk launcher (wrist-mounted), power fist, siphon blade (wrist-mounted)
Colours Red, silver, dark chrome
Location Somewhere within the Milky Way
Status Alive, active
Aliases "Red Thumb", "Worldender"
"I am powerful, but I want more. I hunger for power. I crave it. I need it. I thirst for more power!"
"You want me to get you a Starbucks grande, then?"
―Silverjaw and Breez XL, Infernum.

Silverjaw was once a humble "Shredderbot" on Tallos 5, along with the rest of the crew, "Flamebot" (Fire Lord), "Buzzbot" (Jetbug), "Drillhead" (Drilldozer), and "Bomb-blast" (Nitroblast).


Tallos 5

As "Shredderbot", Silverjaw was a simple being. He would take any scrap metal, chew it up, and spit it out in a neat little cube. However, over time, his shredder blade proved more useful mining, instead of clearing things up, so he was assigned with “Flamebot” and Co.

Things worked out, for a time.

Then, “Shedderbot” broke down. It wasn’t the first time that this had happened. Since he was made for chewing small bit of metal up, mining often damaged his sawblade.

This time, the blade broke off completely. So, “Shredderbot” was sent to the recycling facility nearby, to be scrapped.

"Shredderbot", standing on a toilet.

It was on that fateful day where the giant lime-coloured menace struck.

The mining manager sent forth the bots which were still operational. “Shedderbot” was not included, since he was tossed onto a heap of rusted metal in the recycling plant.

Preston Stormer arrived, and immediately defeated the menace, along with the help of the four souped up ‘bots. Although three mining bots were severely injured, Stormer managed to procure parts in order to upgrade them.

“Shredderbot” had no part in the fight that ensued.

Then, the four robots flew off, and were never seen again, on Tallos 5, anyway.

The manager was killed in the action.

That left “Shredderbot”. Alone.

Rise to Power

There are many mining sites on Tallos 5, but Site S-2 had a grand population of 1.

Now, “Shredderbot” knew his way around the mining compound. Destruction and carnage ruled the roost that was Site S-2, but there were many things that were still salvageable.

Like that lime-coloured thing.

Or perhaps that promethium refinery. That had a lot “useful” bits and bobs floating around in there.

Consequently, “Shredderbot” bode his time. On the other hand, Fire Lord, Drilldozer, Jetbug, and Nitroblast fell under the sway of Von Nebula, and began terrorizing innocent citizens on various star systems.

At last, “Shredderbot” became quite powerful, in terms of raw power. Like the other mining bots, he had the power to siphon fuel and convert it into energy. Over time, he rivalled the Fire Lord in terms of physical strength.

But it was his mind. His mind was his real weapon.

Joker Platoon

“Shredderbot” came up with a new name. Silverjaw. And he quite liked it. He also liked his new shredder blade and his dagger. And his new armor. And his new helmet.
Silverjaw mid (1)

Silverjaw, upgraded, and spindly.

After finishing off Site S-2, he moved on.

Not a single mining site was safe from Silverjaw. Countless mining bots fell prey to the menace, and any fuel in site would be siphoned up, and made into energy.

Three members of the famed Epsilon-2 team was sent to sort things out. By that time, Silverjaw was estimated to be as strong as Von Nebula himself.

Dustin Cyclops, Maedria Black, and Valkyrie Hawkeye arrived on the scene nearly two weeks after Silverjaw started his rampage. A fifth of Tallos 5 was estimated as barren, and energy-starved, due to yours truly.

At Site P-13, the three Heroes intercepted the Fire Villain.

The fight lasted just over 10 minutes, with the Heroes backed up by the final remaining robot on site, a “Laserbot”. Silverjaw hacked his way through the four heroes with ferocity, and Maedria was the first to fall, after taking a vicious blow to the head from Silverjaw’s double-shredder blade. Seconds later, Dustin threw his short sword, and literally took an eye out of Silverjaw’s head. Valkyrie was instrumental in the fight, flying about the villain, and dealing laser bursts left and right.

Silverjaw mid (3)

BOOM, headshot. (Valkyrie and Silverjaw duking it out)

Silverjaw was then driven off, wounded, and nearly collapsing as he ran. Dustin stabbed “Laserbot”, not wanting another Fire Villain to rise up.

The Joker Platoon’s Tallos 5 mission was over, as Valkyrie and Dustin revived Maedria.


Fifteen days later, not one signal was head from Tallos 5, and any messages sent to the planet were being ignored. The planet was also in a planet-wide blackout. Not a good sign.

Breez XL was sent to scout things out.

And so, with machine crossbow and all, she headed towards Tallos 5.

What she saw was a skeleton of a world, huge, circular lump of rock on it’s last legs. Tallos 5 would be forever lost, and it was destined to stay that way. A dead planet.

But she was here for a criminal, Silverjaw, not to survey Tallos 5.

All life on Tallos 5 had been exterminated, and energy levels were in the negatives. Loss and destruction reigned supreme on the defunct planet.

It didn’t take a genius to figure out that the Epsilon-2 team should have finished off Silverjaw, even if one of their comrades was badly wounded. Now, Hero Factory had the worst Fire Villain loose in the history of all Fire Villains, including the notorious Fire Lord and his cronies.

Breez XL had no option but to report back to Makuhero City with the crushing news.

Silverjaw had already flown off the mining planet hours before Breez arrived in an escape pod he purposely kept intact. Even with his new-found abilities, decked-out weapons, and toughened armor, he didn’t fancy his chances against one of Hero Factory’s finest.

And so, he crash landed on Bastian , a nearby planet in the Deca star system.

It is a desert world, but well-developed and rich. Perfect spawning grounds for a burgeoning criminal...and his organization.

Silverjaw was a smart ‘bot. He wasn’t one to take in orders. He was one to dish ‘em out.

His own crime organization sounded perfect, but how would he, an unknown vagabond, get hold of a bunch of gang members?

His answer: Hero Factory.


Silverjaw caught wind Black Phantom's doings, and decided not to interfere. That was his ol' noggin at work again, thinking it all through, and making the situation work for him.

Bastian was a natural breeding ground for villains and miscreants of all varieties, and Silverjaw made sure that he'd suck the entire planet dry if he had to, in order to create the DeathThorn.

So, they came in ones and twos. Villains of all sorts, shapes and sizes. Silverjaw welcomed them all.

DeathThorn truly was a thorn in the side of the Bastian Metro Police. There had never been such brutal and frequent crimes on the planet in the last 500 years. At first, they worked as a team, as equal partners. Silverjaw respected them, and the many villains he worked with respected him. But only because Silverjaw needed help.

But he soon wouldn't.

The Four

1. Silverjaw
The Medic

The Medic. One of my only MoCs in LDD.

2. Trickster

3. Shockblast

4. The Medic

These were the first members of an organization that would be known as the DeathThorn. The group may have been small, but they would have given Von Nebula a run for his money, had he been around.

Banks would become empty overnight. Entire streets of shops would close down. Wealthy buisnessbots would find themselves bankrupt.

This was just the beginning.

Now, Tecknoc Inc. was owned by another smart robot. He had heard about these odd financial "difficulties" that were happening. So he prepared himself, and fortified his HQ, just to be sure.

It was all in vain, however. Silverjaw needed his latest invention. He left the three other members of the DeathThorn in the dark, saying that they were about to raid Tecknoc Inc. for profit. This was far from Silverjaw's true intentions.

The Siphon Blade

Heroes were called in, and Breez XL and Surge XL were both assigned to the Bastian Raid. They were to first subdue Silverjaw and Co., and then ransack his HQ on Bastian, wherever it may be.

However, the two XL heroes were too late. Tecknoc Inc. had fallen beneath the onslaught of the four villains. However, Breez XL and Surge XL still had a chance to ambush the villains when they make their escape.

Silverjaw, Trickster, The Medic, and Shockblast were sighted several kilometers away from Tecknoc Inc. Silverjaw was carrying a large, gleaming, blade, while the three others were blasting apart the surrounding buildings with shadows, bullets, and fire.

Breez XL took down The Medic with a well-placed firesaw arrow, while Surge XL landed a rather painful blow on Trickster with a thrown Ironhide Shield.

Yet, they escaped, save for The Medic.

The Medic wouldn't be seeing the grand legacy Silverjaw was about to create. After all, he was dead.

Now, all Fire Villains have the inherit ability to siphon fuel and convert it into energy.

Silverjaw wanted more than that. He stole a promethium alloy blade from Tecknoc Inc, as well as several duranium fibres, and, most importantly, an experimental cabide heat generator. With these, and his artificial brain, he created the siphon blade.

How, not only could he siphon fuel, he is able to absorb virtually any source of energy, from electricity, to nuclear energy, to hydroenergy.

The entire Universe was in his hands.

Rise of Silverjaw and the DeathThorn

Two years passed, and Bastian was slowly being consumed by the spreading DeathThorn organization.

From four members the DeathThorn grew, villains flocking to Bastain to enter Silverjaw's crime organization.

Now, there were four thousand.

Silverjaw was content to hide in the shadows, and slowly drain Bastian of its energy, while his many, many underlings gathered him peices of various armor and carried out his dastardly deeds.

For two years, Silverjaw was not seen or heard.

At last, when Silverjaw emerged, his lieutenants described him as "the titan of all titans". Silverjaw was massive, and clad in two years' worth or armor. At least 45 feet tall, he towered over his minions, and caused quite a bit of destrucution when he rose.

As Bastian grew dark, Silverjaw grew stronger, with every bit of energy he sucked up. But he still wanted more. The residents of Bastian had all fled, and the world was another bare shell of rock, just like Tallos 5.

At last, Silverjaw chose to drain Makuhero City. He was going to drain it bone-dry.

But Hero Factory had some objection to his decision.

Current News

Makuhero City

Silverjaw has only been glimpsed once on Makuhero City. The entire XL-Alpha Team has been assigned to find Silverjaw, and take him down, once and for all. The Epsilon-2 Team is also tasked with helping the XL-Alpha Team.

Cyber-Breez XL

Breez XL has proved the most successful against Silverjaw and his cronies. Therefore, her current and most powerful upgrade is the latest step in the ongoing war against the DeathThorn and Silverjaw. Cyber-Breez XL is an upgrade specific to Breez XL, and is likely to stay that way, with all the credits and tech needed to upgrade a XL suit. The "Cyber Hunter" suit, as the upgrade is called, is on a technological par with Silverjaw's own armor.


Ever since Silverjaw was seen, mentions of the DeathThorn have been more common, and DeathThorn-related incidents have been springing up more often. Not a good sign.

Traits, Abilities, Stats


Silverjaw is a very powerful figure, and is mostly likely a proven kleptomaniac, although his intentions may not be simple satisfaction. It is well-known his AI levels are way above par, and he may have been driven slightly mad by the amount of power that courses through his body.


Silverjaw is able to siphon any source of energy with his siphon blade. He also posses incredible physical strength. However, his most impressive abilty, may be his teleportation. It is unknown whether he has had this ability before, or if it a side effect with all the pieces of armor that his minions have brought him. Nevertheless, he is able to teleport short distances, estimated a half-kilometer, at maximum.


Maximum value is 25.

Strength: 21
Agility: 19
Toughness: 22
Mind: 25

Trivia, Appearances, Combat Style, Misc.

Combat Style

Not much is known about Silverjaw's fighting techniques. However, it is proven that his siphon blade is wrist mounted, making it a little more difficult to use a sword. The siphon blade is most likely for defensive purposes. With his size, Silverjaw probably just steps on his enemies.

His Flamedisk launcher is another one of his inventions. Based off the popular Meteor Blaster, the Flamedisk launcher is also light, and durable. The only difference is the size of the explosion that the Flamedisk launcher makes.

And the explosion it makes is huge.

He has only one known weakness, and that is his missing eye. Dustin Cyclops was the one who inflicted the wound on Tallos 5. Silverjaw remains battle-scarred to this date.


Silverjaw is the main antagonist in 21bub21's Infernum, a WIP.


  • Silverjaw fell down at LEAST three times when I built him.
  • Considered names: Blacktooth, Blackjaw.
  • Silverjaw likes bacon and Cheetos.
  • In real life, he is 65 cm tall, and took approx. 1000 pcs.
  • 21bub21 used him in the current wiki's background!
  • He is used in 21bub21's version of the CHFW banner, which can be seen here.
  • Silverjaw has been a featured image, and a featured article.
  • This is probaly the largest MOC on the wiki
    • Full view of Silverjaw
    • Lower half of Silverjaw
    • Silverjaw's siphon blade
    • Rear view of Silverjaw
    • (a lil blurry) Silverjaw's Flamedisk launcher
    • Upper half of Silverjaw
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