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Simon Houston
2.0/Original FormHouston 1

3.0Houston 3.0BreakoutHouston 4.0Brain AttackHouston 5.0


Hero Factory


Twin beam katanas




Hero Factory Assembly Tower

Simon Houston is a hero as well as a brilliant scientist. He specializes in twin beam katanas and is modified with extreme agility. He was originally a human who transferred his brain patterns into the robot after suffering a severe injury.


Early Life

When Simon was younger, he was left with his mother after his father, Charles Houston, was forced to leave. When he was slowly growing, he began to orchestrate remarkable intelligence ahead of that of his peers. He could create small cybernetic devices out of household products with ease. During elementary, middle, and high school, he devoted himself to science. He was also an outcast due to everyone else being too weird to talk to, even other science wizzes he could relate to. After graduating from high school, he attended Makuhero University and studied almost every scientific course the college had. As a genius, he was given a Ph.D soon after and became a hireable scientist.

Hero Factory

After a while finding a good place to work, he apllied to work at Hero Factory. As an intern, he learned many schimatics on the robots that were constantly being made, even meeting some of the heroes residing in Hero Factory, though he notified that the robots needed new improvements and even new weapons. Mission manager Nathaniel Zib placed Simon as a full time scientist so that he can create new ways to weaponize and give improvements to the Heroes.

Tanker Station 22

Simon eventually invented a revolutionary way to improve the heroes abilities to fight crime. He invented the new 2.0 upgrade the heores could use, with creations Nathan Evo and Julius Nex as the introduction to the new upgrade.

Injury/Becoming a Hero






Brain Attack





Strength: 18
Agility: 24
Toughness: 20
Mind: 30


  • This is Lord Caesar's first submitted Hero Factory MOC, as well as his official HF Self-MOC.
  • Houston was originally based on Lord Caesar.