Simon Length

Hero Factory


Electric Wakizashi, Meteor Blaster



Simon Length is a Samurai based Hero built by his father, Calvin Length.


Simon Length was built in a Hero Factory lab by his father Calvin Length. He is known for his use of The Code of Bushido. He is the master of artillery. He is a rookie Hero on the famous Xiphos Team.


Length is blue, red, black, and silver colored, heavily armored hero with a new armor piece on his left arm. He has a tech's headgear and a Hero Recon chestplate handed down to him from his father.


Length is armored with an electric wakizashi and a Hero's standard Meteor Blaster.

Traits and Abilities

Length is known to be charasmatic, sort of a clown, with a knack for equpping everybody on his team with his advanced weaponry. He made all of his fellow rookies' weapons with his team leader, Edward Gunner. He uses The Code of Bushido in battle.


Length is often reffered to as "Son of Length.".


  • The images you see are prototypes. No negative talk page comments please.


  • Length, now that his father died, owns "Sniper Dojo" in the Hero Factory, where he trains other Heroes.
  • Length is the only Hero that is based off of the Samurai of ancient Japan.

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