IMG 2577

Simon's 2.0 form

IMG 2576

Simon's 3.0 form

'Au revoir'

-Simon Mercuryfist, before killing the Graske

1301385189m SPLASH

Simon's 1.0 form


Simon grew up in an orphanage as his parents mysteriously vanished many years ago. Simon joined the Recon Team with his two best friends, Michael Stealthgunner and Cumulo Nimbus. He is a very intelligent Hero and is liked by most, if not all, Heroes in Hero Factory. Along with his friend Cumulo Nimbus, he loves to play practical jokes on his fellow Heroes.



  • Simon Mercuryfist is a Hero in the Beta 6 Squadron who killed the villain known as "The Graske." 
  • Akiyama Makuro is considering making him into an Elite Hero. 
  • He is very powerful in combat and was sent on an extremely dangerous mission alongside his good friend Commander Cumulo Nimbus to capture Montgomery Stratus. This mission began on the 17th of April, 2012 and ended with a success on the 22nd of April, 2012.