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Acid Villain






Sizzleface is a villain. He is a good fighter, but he cannot talk. He was part of the "Acid Demons" team. He was killed during a Semi-Finals arena match.



Sizzleface was created at Hero Factory as a prototype for a proposed working drone. The prototype was considered a failure for it's faulty wiring and it's inability to speak. He was trashed and thrown in the junkyard.

Villain Life

He somehow managed to escape the junkyard. He scourged the city, until he bumped into Corroder. Corroder repaired him with old spare parts, and equipped him with a Shock Acid Blaster and a stolen Skrall blade. Unfortunately for Sizzleface, Corroder could not repair Sizzleface's inability to talk. He fought countless Heroes and heroes, and even managed to destroy Chranchic, who was a 4 armed monstrosity. He later joined the "Acid Demons" team and won the championship. After his victory with the rest of the team, he and the rest of the Acid Demons took part in the championship again.


He and the Acid Demons made to the Semi-Finals match for his 2nd championship season. The battle started when he ran out first. He fought with some of the other Sharpshooter Snipers, and managed to block a lot of shots shot at him once. After Corrodolord blasted down all the Sharpshooter Snipers, he went to kill one, but Corroder nudged him aside and told him that he will do it instead. Corroder was about to blast the Sharpshooter Sniper, but the Sharpshooter Sniper pushed his hand away at the last second, causing Corroder to accidentally shoot Sizzleface directly in the face. Sizzleface toppled to the ground. He did not die, however. This is rather impressive because most other Heroes and villains would die instantly from an acid blast to the face. The Sharpshooter Sniper pushed Corroder aside and blasted Sizzleface in the face again, killing him.


His corpse was found by Fire Lord. He built a replica of Sizzleface. He placed a quaza core (Not a hero core) in his chest and transferred the remains of the original Sizzleface's brain into the new Sizzleface. He came alive, and he was dispatched to find a small tank of oil. He failed this task, and Fire Lord deemed the Sizzleface clone useless. Instead of getting killed, he was abandoned in the Southern Mountains. He is still alive, though the records of his continued survival are not 100% accurate.