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Skraillax is a warrior who despises the Hero Factory


Early Life

Much like Lance, Skralliax had his parents killed and he and his sister, Skrellia, smuggled all they could in order for survival. Skralliax was the older child and looked after Skrellia all he could. Then one day when he hit 26, the twenty seven-year-old Lance found, fed and trained him into a true soldier. It took quite a while to make him a general but he did. He trained other soldiers and was more harsh than the other generals because he read their thoughts and knew one of them was a traitor. He eventually got promoted to one of the top ten generals. There were a whopping 100 generals.


He distrusts most everyone he meets except for his team mates. He may treat them like family but he prefers to improve his psychic abilities by himself. He is a second in command general next to Lance and his team are the elite generals in their resistance in their time against the corrupted hero factory, Skralliax hates the future hero factory more than anyone else in his team, which says quite a lot.


Strength: 12
Agility: 16
Toughness: 9
Mind: 11


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