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General Information

|- |style="background:rgb(30,30,30);border:1px solid silver"|Affiliation |style="background:rgb(50,50,50)"|Wyhrel |- |style="background:rgb(30,30,30);border:1px solid silver"|Color(s) |style="background:rgb(50,50,50)"|Lime |- |style="background:rgb(30,30,30);border:1px solid silver"|Current Status |style="background:rgb(50,50,50)"|Active |- |style="background:rgb(30,30,30);border:1px solid silver"|Location |style="background:rgb(50,50,50)"|Unknown |-

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Misc. Information

|- |style="background:rgb(30,30,30);border:1px solid silver"|Alias(es) |style="background:rgb(50,50,50)"|None |- |style="background:rgb(30,30,30);border:1px solid silver"|Other Equipment |style="background:rgb(50,50,50)"|Blast-proof armor, sheer tenacity, malicious and mildly amusing sociopathy

―The result of a typical encounter with Skulakes.

Skulakes is the pet robot dog of the infamous villain Wyhrel.

Abilities and traits

Skulakes is far more intelligent than the average pet, capable of both calculating the point a meteor will hit with an accuracy of half a foot, as well as "practical" intelligence, such as figuring out where a well-aimed kick or bite will cause the most pain. This, combined with a homicidal attitude towards anyone or anything who threatens his master, makes Skulakes one of the most dangerous creatures in the galaxy, and possibly somewhat beyond that. However, Skulakes has been known to act extremely benign when neither Skulakes nor Whyrel is in immediate danger (something most people doubt it is ever in).

Another feature of Skulakes is his enormous size; he towers over the average hero and even some of the smaller Hero Dragons. His armor has been reported to be able to withstand the blast of some of the most powerful weapons in the Hero Factory arsenal with ease, and because of his chain-lightning cannons (see below), most types of blasts or bullets can't even reach his armor before being deflected, usually right back at the Hero.


Equipped with powerful jaw motors, he has a bite force of 75 kilonewtons, enough to cause extreme damage to almost all alloys. To prevent his head from breaking under it's own power, it was made from a diamond-like structure. To further increase his offensive abilities his head was also coated with mini-blasters.

Set on both sides of his body are his chain-lightning cannons, which can strike up to thirty enemies with a near-deadly and quite definitely painful voltage.


Skulakes was first seen as part of Whyrel's original arsenal. It is a practically universal unknown where Skulakes came from, but some believe Whyrel had built him.



"Skulakes is pretty nice if you're not on his bad side. Unfortunately for you and very fortunately for me, it is quite easy to get on his bad side."


Strength: 35
Agility: 34
Toughness: 30
Mind: 15


  • His name is ancient Greek for puppy, a bit of a joke on the part of ThePurpleDragonNinja.
  • His attitude was inspired by the Discworld Luggage.