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The Skull Staff is an ancient, powerful weapon that has been weilded by the Witch Doctor while making his reign on Quatros.
Skull Staff
Skull Staff

Corrupt anybody or anything into a mind-controlled Villain.






The Skull Staff was first created by a crazed-crafter on Quatros, when the planet was more graceful. It was originally called the Stone Staff - but at one point, a great evil, not the Witch Doctor, crafted the stone on the top of the staff into a skull, and filled it with a dark energy. The power-hungry evil injected so much darkness into it that it killed him, due to it's unstable energies. A small earthquake took place, when the staff began uncontrollably shaking, sending it hurtling into a cliffside, forming a cave, which caved in and preserved the staff until the sinister Witch Doctor came across it. He managed to weld two spikes on the top, and mixed the staff's dark energy with pure Quaza, and the Quaza was instantly corrupted. The Witch Doctor than decided to use the staff as his primary weapon.

When Rocka arrived on Quatros, the Witch Doctor used the staff to stun him, and later used it to corrupt several of the beasts on Quatros - including a Waspix, Scorpio, Raw-Jaw and Fangz. The staff was later used by the Witch Doctor against Stormer, when the two clashed before Rocka XL chimed in, battling the Witch Doctor and weakening him enough to allow Stormer to snatch the staff and shatter it to pieces, ending the Witch Doctor's tyranny.