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Slurtik is a crafty villain that often travles with smugglers and bandits.


Slurtik was named a villain after numerous attempts to cut off quaza supplies in Hero Factory. His most notorious crimes included hijacking a train and robbing Hero Factory's personel bank, along with other bandits. He was placed in prison when he was found and caught stealing weapons (despite the fact he has his own).


Slurtik escaped with no knowledge of the true intentions of the Breakout, but still took advantage of the situation and fled like everyone else. He was eventually taken on and recaptured by the hero Sydney Trex.

Abilities and Traits

Slurtik has the ability to fly and can analyze anything and everything thanks to his high-tech helmet. When not flying, he is capable of jumping great distances, although not in the fastest ways. His special feet allow him to make long strides, but only for limited times.

His personality is more foolish then clever. A lot of times, his daring escapes were results of sheer dumb luck. What makes him stand out is his mental capacity of taking in his surroundings and relaying it to others.


He uses four blades that are carved from techno-organic bones. He will attack and defend with them very efficiently. He also is equipped with a high tech helmet, which analyzes surroundings, and possibly stores everything. It is also believed his helmet can attack with laser beams and electric bolts.