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Smackdown is a villainous henchman who works for Alan Pyrix.


Smackdown was once attacked while he was destroying a security camera, and proceeded using the tripod to beat the crud out of the local security officers. At Smackdown's request, Pyrix melted the tripod into a weapon, which he now carries.

Abilities and Traits

Smackdown is very strong, can fly for short distances thanks to his rocket boots, and is very well-armored, which makes him hard to damage.



Smackdown's sword, which he calls "Shreds."

Smackdown carries a wicked three-bladed sword he calls Shreds, which used to be a security camer a tripod.


Smackdown loves to break things: buildings, people, heroes, basically anything that is solid and intact is a potential target of Smackdown's destructive behavior. He gets easily excited and has been known to kill people for simply teasing him, bumping into him accidentally, and other insignificant offenses.


  • Sidd originally was experimenting with HF 2.0 parts, intending to create a possible draft of a certain character from his BIONICLE story, when he stumbled upon the design that became Smackdown
  • Smackdown has a major bone (or interior frame segment) to pick with Simon Kinetus. 

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