Steel Claw Shredder




Hero Factory Prison Center

Smasher is a Bounty Hunter who is well-known for his great strength. Currently, he is imprisoned in the Hero Factory Prison Center.


Smasher is a Bulker, he are the ruler of his planet, Rain 33. He escaped from his planet before it was destroyed abandoning his people, Smasher was transformed in a Bounty Hunter.

Jungle of Danger

Smasher, Bultrax and Spinax were contracted by Shadow to kill the Delta Team 2 members in the planet Bosquex. When the heroes arrived on the planet, the bounty hunter Bultrax shot to the Dropship with his Mass Driver Rifle the ship begin to fall, the heroes jump to the ship and the heroes was divided in the planet's surface. Smasher found the heroes Stealth Stalker and Nexus Beam, after a fight Smasher hit Stalker and the communication with the heroes and Mission Control was lost. Nexus shot to Smasher and he tuning out, the two heroes took the opportunity to escaped. later Smasher attack the heroes Jimi Missile, Stalker and Nexus, he throw rocks to the heroes, but the heroes cut the rocks with his melee weapons, Smasher buried Missile under some rocks. Nexus begin to attack Smasher with his blades, but the bounty hunter hit nexus with his Steel Claw Shredders, leaving him unconscious. Stalker attack Smasher with his Claw, but the bounty Hunter Smash Stalker with a Rock leaving him unconscious. Smasher capture the two heroes and take them where Shadow. The captured heroes wake up in Shadow's outpost with Smasher and Bultrax watching them. Shadow came and talk the heroes about his new weapon the Spear of Fusion and he talk the heroes That he wanted revenge. Shadow begin to attack the heroes with his new weapon, meanwhile the heroes were suffering, Bultrax remember his old team, before shadow kill Stalker with his Spear, Bultrax was filed and Shadow fatally injured him. Bultrax give Stalker his Mass Driver Rifle and died. Stalker shot with the Rifle to Shadow and defeat him. Smasher try to attack Stalker for his back, but Missile appear and handcuff Smasher. Shadow run to his ship and escaped. The heroes back to Hero Factory with the captured bounty hunters Smasher and Spinax.

Abilities & Traits

Smasher is cruel and heartless, he have great strong he can raise 25 tons with one hand. he have black armor with silver details. his arms are longer than his legs.

Weapons and Tools

Smasher are armed with two Steel Claw Shredders. Template:Tahu TKP