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Water Gang


Big hook, shoulder-mounted cannons, electric shooter, electric circular blade



Snakepirate is a criminal of the Water Gang and is its strongest member.


For centuries, Snakepirate devastated worlds without any sympathy for the suffering of the people. About 800 years ago, this criminal could even destroy an entire planet and nobody would know how he did it.With a terrible hook, and his heart of stone, Snakepirate survived for centuries.

When the Hero Factory appeared, Snakepirate underwstimated the heroes and was soon arrested. After a few years, the criminal managed to destroy the prison and escape, without a trace. He was later discovered in a scrap pile near the Faradai Belt.

Abilities and Traits

This criminal can swim in swirling whirlpools of water and manages to avoid most attacks. Snakepirate is also an excellent climber, in fact he can also climb the most inaccessible walls with his hook. This criminal reserves many surprises as he has a large equipment.


Snakepirate uses two shoulder-mounted cannons which allows to him to launch energy blasts in each direction. His circular blade is very strong and can cut through the hardest material.


Strength: 10
Agility: 8
Toughness: 6
Mind: 7