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Hero Factory MOC The Mega-Snow Shark!01:36

Hero Factory MOC The Mega-Snow Shark!

M-m-m-mega Snow Shark!!!

The Snow-Shark is a massive beast known for it's massive jaw and unusual abilities to alter it's form. There is only one of it's kind known to exist.


The first (and only) known Snow-Shark was classified as a Mega (Snow) Shark (Beast). Originally discovered on Nitronix, where it now resides, by Boost Team on their expedition. Mark Titro gave the first analysis of the shark, as well as the multiple other species on the planet (of course, after the team had returned).

The Snow-Shark has since been left to its own, and is respected as one of the planet's great and awe-nspiring residents.

Abilities and Traits

Notable traits and features include:

  • incredible strength and stamina
  • unusual adaptation to the surroundings of planet Nitronix
  • wild and reckless attitude/nature (debatable)



  • The main frame of the built snow-shark is actually that of scorpio
  • The snow-shark was an exciting highlight to write in for Mission: The Ice Planet

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