Sonex, rahkshi head, toa body



Combat Staff, Needler, Missile Launcher





Sonex was a very cruel villain. He was made a prisioner in the deep waters of Aquatrus for his crimes.


Sonex was a mean criminal, he was known to have killed all the citiziens in a city only to steal a diamond. He along with Calamus was sentenced by his people to Aquatrus, where they were imprisoned for 100 years.

A Hero Reborn

In the deep, Sonex and Calamus met Darkein. Later on the three saw a light falling in the water. He, along with Calamus and Darkein began to swim to obtain the glowing mask. During the travel to the light, he and Darkein, appeared to help Calamus in his fight with Matoro. The Toa of Ice froze the water around him to distract the three creatures and escaped. Later, Sonex shot at Matoro, Jaller and Takanuva. Later on, Sonex had the mask in his grasp when Graxon came along and turned him insane. He was left on the spot and it is unknown where he is now.

Abilities and Traits

Sonex is really interested in universal affairs and is very self-centered. He usually only thinks about himself. He is willing to kill anyone in his way, even himself. He has white armor and gray details.

Weapons and Tools

Sonex is equipped with a missile launcher with which he can shoot explosives missiles. He also has a Fear staff to melee combat and a needler that fires long, sharp, crystalline shards that are guided until they impale a target.


  • Sonex's weapon called Needler is based in a Halo Weapon called Needler.
  • Sonex is called "Creature", like Calamus and Darkein.