Speeda Demon contains canon Hero Factory information.

This article contains canon information but has fanon information added to it. The canon version of this page can be viewed here.
Speeda Demon






Speeda Demon is a four-armed, hot-headed yet swift Villain.


The Hero Factory, at one point, captured Speeda Demon and imprisoned him in their Storage Facility. After Black Phantom broke all the criminals out, Speeda Demon then fled to Kollix IV. He attempted to get to the planet's north pole to wipeout a Stellar Navigation system so any ships coming in could be robbed without them knowing.Fortunately he was caught by Stormer XL and brought back to the Hero Factory Prison.

Not much is known about the Speeda Demon, except for the fact that he rides a bike that was copied off of the Furno Bike - an act of the Illegal Tradeoff of Hero Weapons organization. He usually travels to different planets, speeding down streets and causing mayhem without being caught - adding up to his nonstop work of being a disastrous criminal.


Speeda Demon rides a Nitro bike, and weilds twin katanas and zappa guns.


Speeda Demon is an insane thrill-seeker.


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